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19 July
Medical Professionals Enjoy GUM Ice Cream!

This year the traditional Ice Cream Festival is not limited to the confines of GUM. The special event has been dedicated to this year’s main heroes – Doctors, Nurses, Paramedics, Drivers who helped save us and our loved ones from COVID-19.

GUM Ice Cream trucks visited the Sklifosovsky Medical Assistance Research Center on July 18. The trucks will bring more than 200 thousand ice cream portions to 35 main medical institutions responsible for battling COVID-19, as well as 55 ER stations in Moscow within this week.

Moreover, all the noted medical institutions have received special protective gear from GUM and Bosco di Ciliegi. Bosco Manufactures in Kaluga have produced 200 thousand sets of multiuse clothing and more than a million protective masks.

Mikhail Kusnirovich, Bosco di Ciliegi Group head

“We have been working exclusively on protective gear in Kaluga for the last few months. The coming of summer has coincided with excellent treatment and prevention results. So we decided to lift everyone’s mood with ice cream. We hope that the 200 thousand portions will bring a bit of joy and peace to everybody.”

Oleg Menshikov, People’s Artist of the Russian Federation, Yermolova Theater creative director

“We have to give full credit to the important work that doctors are doing. Their profession is one of true heroism. Today’s event is both necessary and timely.”

Natalia Drozdova, Sklifosovsky Medical Assistance Research Center acting chief doctor

“We are grateful. We were expecting only protective gear and medical masks, but ice cream is a truly personal gift, a piece of happiness. The good mood of the medics is transferred onto the patients.”

Sergey Petrikov, Sklifosovsky Medical Assistance Research Center director

“It’s a great idea: bring doctors ice cream. The medics have been working for 120-121 days straight, without a single day of rest. It’s difficult work, and today's special event brings with it many positive emotions.”

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