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21 July
GUM Motor Rally 2017: chronicle of events
The traditional fourth annual GUM Motor Rally Gorkyclassic featuring rare models of the Soviet brands of the 1930-1970s was held in Moscow last Sunday, July 23rd. The journey through a hundred-kilometer route in the center of Moscow was not without curios incidents this year. There was a wedding in the style of the 70's, an accident right near the Kremlin walls and even cherry jam!
The contest, which is held with the support of the Historical Motor Society Gorkyclassic, the oldest watch manufacture Vacheron Constantin and the Jaguar Land Rover company, was about 120 crews this year.
In addition to Moscow and Moscow-area crews, teams fr om St. Petersburg, Nizhny Novgorod, Krasnodar, Tula, Orel, Yaroslavl, Yekaterinburg, Lipetsk, Simferopol, Alushta, Yelets and Kiev fought for the prizes.
The competition was held in two rankings this year: the main GUM Cup (100 crews) and the amateur VESNA Cup especially for the invited Bosco di Ciliegi guests. The guests were greeted by the founders of Gorkyclassic Ivan Paderin and Alexander Lekae at the walls of GUM in Ilyinka Street and in Vetoshny Lane before the start. Witty host of the GUM Motor Rally Igor Wernick announced the participants and gave recommendations warmly.
The curving route of the race passed through the historical and landmark places of the capital. But the drivers learnt it at the last gasp: according to the rules, the navigator of the crew had only a list of symbols similar to spyware encryptions. This time Krutitskoe Podvorye, Luzhniki, Moskvoretsky, Bolshoy Ustinskiy and Novospassky bridges were included into the route.
VESNA prepared a surprise for the racers and guests of the festival "Moscow summer. Flower Jam" within the cycle of city street events "Moscow Seasons" at the finish in Novy Arbat: the most active ones took part in flowers’ planting and fragrant cherry jam cooking in anticipation of the results’ announcement.
The authority jury headed by Evgeni Soroka, determined the winners in special nominations and winners in terms of sporting results. The names were announced within the ceremony in VESNA: they were awarded with BOSCOFresh kits, gifts from Jaguar Land Rover company, as well as gift certificates from Articoli by BOSCO, Articoli Salon & Spa, Dior, Aldo Coppola, Hugo Boss and NO ONE.
The awarding ceremony was opened by the head of the BOSCO group of companies Mikhail Kusnirovich, who also took part in the GUM Motor Rally under his favorite number 28 driving the black Chaika.
The prizes in the special VESNA Cup were divided as follows:
The third place was given to the crew No 106 of Sergei Nasidze and Natalia Albrerch who drove Volga GAZ-21R of 1970 year of manufacture.
The second place was won by the crew No104 of Yulia Petrova with her son Dmitry driving Volga GAZ-M-21-I of 1961 year of manufacture.
The first place was won by the crew No 110 - the elegant Volga of 1978 year of manufacture, driven by Maxim and Elena Penkin, who were the first to cross the finish line. The team wearing BOSCOSport avant-garde outfit, was awarded with the crystal cup. They admitted that this very outfit turned out to be lucky for them.
The special prize from the Gorky Automobile Plant, celebrating the 85th anniversary this year, was presented by its director Pavel Sereda to the crew No 20, which drove the rare ZIME - GAZ12 of 1959 year of manufacture.
One of the partners of the event, PARI insurance company, also approved a special nomination “For the 25th place” in honor of its 25th anniversary. It went to the Nikulin family driving the "Zhiguli" of 1971 year of manufacture.
The winners of the main sports GUM Cup ranking:
The third place - crew No 53: Pavel Ushakov and Sergei Ermolaev, driving the Volga GAZ-24 of 1973 year of manufacture.
The second place - crew No 5: Oksana and Boris Zhazhkov driving the Volga GAZ-21-R. Boris and Oksana won the second place in 2014. They almost won the Grand Prix in 2016.
The first place, the GUM Motor Rally crystal cup and the main prize by Vacheron Constantin were presented to the most accurate ones - the crew number 14: Andrei Morozenko and Boris Kostyrko driving the "Chaika" Gas-13. Each of them was presented with the Vacheron Constantin watch from the hands of the brand manager in Russia, Nicolas Defler, who admitted that he got "a lot of fun participating in the contest". He thanked the organizers and participants of the GUM Motor Rally and solemnly promised that Vacheron Constantin would become the general partner of the event the next year.
Like real racers, the winners opened a bottle of Lanson champagne, the official drink of the event from the Simple company, to round off the event
Everyone was happy, as GUM Motor Rally is one of the few competitions wh ere not the victory but the eye-catching participation and warm friendly air of the main classic rally of the season are important.
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