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14 September
GUM AutoRally 2020

GUM AutoRally was held on September 12. This year the event was dedicated to the 50th anniversary of LADA. The rally was held for the seventh time by GUM, Bosco di Ciliegi and the Gorkyclassic Automobile Historic Society.

On April 19, 1970, the Volga Automobile Plant produced the first VAZ-2101 Zhiguli. 100 classic Zhiguli raced along the picturesque route during the rally organized by GUM, Bosco di Ciliegi, and Gorkyclassic Automobile Historical Society.

The first GUM AutoRally was held in 2014. The event remains one of the most large-scale and remarkable competitions for Soviet cars produced before 1991.

GUM AutoRally began precisely at midday. The three-hour ride took the racers across 80 km and to the loveliest places in Moscow. The exact route was a closely guarded secret. The participants discovered their point of destination only upon receiving their itinerary. Their goal was to find the control points and pass through them as many times as possible.

Automobiles were piloted by Bosco di Ciliegi and GUM executives, sportspeople, artists, business people, as well as friends of BoscoFamily, AUTOVAZ, and Gorkyclassic. The awards ceremony was held in the evening, near the GUM fountain.

All Rospotrebnadzor requirements were met. Guests and participants received single-use gloves and masks. Safe distances were maintained throughout.

Teimuraz Guguberidze, GUM managing director:

“Usually cars of all Soviet brands produced no later than 1991 participate in the rally. This year our event celebrated the Volga Automobile Plant – the largest automobile producer in Russia.”

This year Yves Caracatzanis, president of AUTOVAZ, rode in car #1. He drove one of the first VAZ-2101.

Yves Caracatzanis, AUTOVAZ president:

“50 years ago, the first Zhiguli VAZ 2101 were produced. To this day AUTOVAZ respects its history and those people who have contributed to the plant’s history.”

French ambassador Pierre Lévy was in the olive-colored VAZ 2103 #5.

The award ceremony was held at the GUM Fountain. This year special AUTOVAZ, GUM, and PARI Insurance trophies were awarded.

“The Earliest Car” prize was awarded by PARI to Andrey Pan’kovsky who drove a 1917 VAZ 2101.

“The Most Stylish Team” prize was awarded to Oleg, Marina, and Ilya Likov.

The winners of the GUM-Lada Cup are as follows:

3rd place Car #81: Pavel Absalyamov, Evgeny Salnikov

2nd place Car #67: Roman Shtukin, Daniil Ivanov

1st place Car #15: Alexey Chaban, Alexander Kobenko

The winners of the GUM-Bosco award are as follows:

3rd place Car #24: Ivan and Vera Chekadanov

2nd place Car #70: Ilya Kozlov and Maria Taskina

1st place Car #22: Irina Biryukova, Kai-Uwe Gundermann, and their daughter Sofia

All participants received special presents from the Swiss brand Swatch. In July 2020, the global project Swatch X YOU came to Russia. The highlight of the pop-up space was the unique Swatch Canvas printer that allows for a pattern to be applied directly to the semi-translucent back and strap of your Swatch in just several minutes.


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