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15 June
Graffiti Dedicated to Yankovsky: Artist ZOOM Awarded the Creative Discovery Award

This year the Oleg Yankovsky Creative Discovery Award was bestowed upon the street artist Zoom. The award ceremony takes place annually during the Cherry Forest Open Art Festival.

Oleg Yankovksy’s son, actor and director Filipp Yankovsky handed the artist the award personally during the 20th Anniversary Cherry Forest Open Art Festival.

“We are always working with an urban context, we try to incorporate certain popular images and symbols within it, frequently taking inspiration fr om cinema. We are interested not just in painting an image but in making it organic with something. In this case, a wall that I’ve been eyeing for a while” comments ZOOM on his work.

The alcove for the candle was made in just one day, the graffiti soon followed. This place has been transformed into a place of remembrance wh ere all admirers of the outstanding artist can come.

“We didn’t choose Oleg Yankovksy, he chose us. He’s a national symbol, one of the most popular actors of Soviet cinema. We’re proud of him,” adds ZOOM.

Filipp Yankovsky: “My family thinks that something truly special was created here. It’s very touching and important to us that people remember my father and make such sincere projects in his memory.”
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