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21 September
Try products from all over Russia & CIS countries in Gastronome No 1
Gastronome No 1 at Red Square celebrates the 10th anniversary fr om its 2nd birth this year and gives an excellent opportunity to the Russian interested manufacturers of quality, delicious & healthy products to meet directly with their customers.
The vivid fair of farm products "Taste Russian" was opened in GUM on September 21st for the first time. It will run until October 10th. Yummy rows of new crop are located right in the center of GUM near the fountain. There are apples from Bryansk and Tambov, cucumbers and tomatoes from Rostov, Krasnodar & Volgograd regions, peaches and pears from Armenia, grapes, lemons and apple-quinces from Uzbekistan, potatoes from Tambov, pickles and mushrooms from the Moscow region, Karelia and the Ulyanovsk Region, honey from Bashkiria and Altai, berries from Belarus and Bryansk as well as a huge watermelon & melon market and a whole trailer of apples of Antonovka variety from the Vladimir region.
The Deputy Prime Minister of the Russian Federation Arkady Dvorkovich and the Minister of Agriculture of Russia Alexander Tkachev walked along the line together with the head of the BOSCO group of companies Mikhail Kusnirovich, evaluated the products of Russian eco-farms and communicated with the farmers. Sergei Shakurov, Ingeborga Dapkunaite, Alexander Oleshko, Arina Sharapova, Svetlana Zhurova, Larisa Verbitskaya and others were among the celeb connoisseurs of delicious and healthy food.
"Mass producers are about huge production scales, they do not see their final consumer. And these people, whom we invited here, create everything with their own hands. It is real & natural, and they sell it themselves. I hope that this is the start only, and the example of Gastronome №1 will be followed by others," - Mikhail Kusnirovich said.
The queue at the counter of the "Voronezh delicacy" meat workshop was lined up at once - they bought up homemade baked fresh ham, turkeys and balyk. A dressing for the pickle soup was sold out almost immediately at the “Obed bez Zabot” or "Lunch without cares” counter from the Tula region and the fish manufactory "Taiga store" enticed the connoisseurs with a rare Baikal delicacy – omul fish. The farm cooperative "LavkaLavka" arranged the savoring of sausages of wild boar and elk. According to the guests, the most delicious cottage cheese was offered by the Veretyevo eco-farm.
Cheese is a story of its own. Ripe cheese varieties by "Yastrebov and Brother" from the Tver region, camembert "De Famille" from the Chekhov district, goat cheese by "Red Hill" and "Co & Co" from the Smolensk region, "Cabosh" from the Pskov region as well as cheese from the former suppliers of the royal family "Gold of Adygea" cooked according to ancient recipes competed for the attention of the connoisseurs of this delicacy .
Tea and herbal drinks were delivered from the Vladimir region and the regions of Siberia, and the family apiaries "Taiga honey" and "Good honey" brought so many honey varieties that many guests bought a little each.
A herd of friendly goats and a cow became the heroes of the Instagram instantly. Kids were delighted with the busily gossiping geese and turkeys. You are welcome to appreciate the ambience: smiling sales assistants give tips on what to buy, customers listen and taste, and incredible flavors are in the air.
There were a lot of buyers at the most fragrant counter at the fair: the freshest bakery products by Gastronome No 1, coked according to their own recipes in GUM under the direction of the chief baker Alexander Klopov.
Farmers & owners of small, environmentally friendly production facilities trade themselves, so that visitors can learn firsthand how and wh ere the products were cooked, harvested or fished. This opportunity was used by the illustrious guests. Arkady Dvorkovich, Alexander Tkachev and Mikhail Kusnirovich personally talked with each farmer. They tasted almost everything, and started with the famous GUM ice cream. They also didn’t forget the Gastronome No 1 and conducted a short inspection there.  
The Farm Marker is open at the 3rd line of GUM from September 21st to October 10th within the "Golden Autumn" gastronomic festival of the "Moscow Seasons" project. The most popular products will supplement the range of Gastronome No 1 and will be available here exclusively.
Come to savor Russian products! They are delicious, we promise!

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