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9 September
The Common Goal Philosophy. Glossary Exhibition at GUM-Red-Line
On September 11, at 19:00, the GUM-Red-Line Gallery is hosting the opening ceremony of The Common Goal Philosophy exhibition. The new exhibition at the GUM-Red-Line Gallery is part of the Common Goal Philosophy Project. It is a large-scale artistic happening in two acts: the creation of a collective artwork by contemporary Russian artists at the 7th Cosmoscow International Contemporary Art Fair, and an exhibition of individual works by the participants of this collaboration.
On September 5 and 6 – notable representatives of the Russian contemporary art scene: Olga Bozhko, Ksenia Dranysh, Vladimir Dubossarsky, EliKuka Art Group, Konstantin Zvezdochetov, Alisa Yoffe, Liudmila Konstantinova, Irina Korina, Oleg Kotelnikov, Olga Kroytor, Daria Krotova, Georgy Litichevsky, Misha Most, Gosha Ostretsov, Sergey Pakhomov (Pakhom), Pavel Pepperstein, Aleksandr Petrelli , Tanya Pioniker, Inal Savchenkov, Natalia Struchkova, Nikolay Filatov, Valery Chtak were jointly creating a painting on a 140-meter canvas spread over an architectural structure in the shape  of a spiral. The artwork was envisioned by Georgy Ostretsov, the initiator of the project, as a symbolic model of the Universe. On September 7 and 8, the result of this collective endeavor was exhibited at Cosmoscow. Upon the completion of the Cosmoscow Fair, the painted 140-square meter canvas divided into conceptual fragments was transferred to GUM-Red-Line on Red Square to be displayed along with the individual artworks by the participants of the collaboration.
The exhibition represents a symbolic archive: the artworks of the most aspiring representatives of the Russian contemporary art scene are the archived materials, while the documents are a certain period, a fragment of the art of the beginning of the 21st century. The visitors will find themselves inside a treasury of the current historical period and will witness the process of classifying the “here and now” moment. The mobile stands allow visitors to transform the exhibition throughout its run time. Upon the completion of the Cosmoscow Fair, the 140-square meter canvas created on September 5 and 6 was presented at GUM-Red-Line Gallery on Red Square, divided into conceptual fragments. The artworks demonstrated at the exhibition are shown in a sequence that encourages audience participation. Visitors are welcome to move the mobile stands as they wish. By changing the exhibition format, the Gallery will turn into an interactive artistic space.
The Common Goal Philosophy Project was conceived by its author, Gosha Ostretzov, as an artistic and philosophical experiment. Based on the ideas of the founders of the Russian cosmism, it is a tribute to the interconnection of the elements of the Universe. While the collaboration at Cosmoscow symbolizes cosmic interaction of the artists’ work, the display of their personal paintings at the Gallery shows some random examples of the “ecological” environment of the Russian contemporary art. It is not a subjective selection of outstanding authors, but more of an example of a living area, a demo of the art scene climate that allows for artists of different generations to get involved in a dialogue, while their art coexists in a single cultural environment. The project is intimately connected with the linguistic system. Its operational part, collaborative creation work is a vibrant communicative art language. The exhibition at the Gallery is a glossary, a list of main terms, authors’ signs, that facilitate creative interaction. The mobility of the exhibition helps the visitors to learn this language. Thus, the artworks presented at the Gallery will add up to an interactive vocabulary, while the alternative of changing their order allows us to compile a new “text” of the exhibition.
The mobile stands at the exhibition are made in the shape of grids that look like museum collection depositary cells. On one hand, the preservation of an artwork adds significance to such an item, on the other hand, it represents a certain isolation of this item from its authentic environment. A collective artwork created during an event divided into parts and included in a Gallery exhibition becomes a relic upon the completion of a creative process. The new context will also involve works taken from the workshops of the artists. The exhibition is a symbolic time capsule that shows preserved elements from a single milieu. It is a visual metaphor of a cosmic fragment under examination. 
The project will culminate with a charity auction in support of the Cosmoscow Foundation for Contemporary Art. The auction will take place on September 24, 2019. Fragments of the 140-meter canvas created during The Common Goal Philosophy project will be presented at the auction.
See you at GUM-Red-Line Gallery, Line 1, Floor 3!

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