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20 July
Bosco Flower Festival at Vesna on New Arbat

Experience Summer at Vesna! Enjoy the sight and perfume of flowers under the warm Moscow sun!

The traditional Flower Festival conceived by Bosco di Ciliegi and held at GUM is well-loved in Moscow. Each year the façade and the shopping arcades of Russia’s Main Department Store transform into a blossoming garden.

This year the Flower Festival is breaking new ground: for the first time ever, flowers also appear at Bosco Vesna on New Arbat. The summer brings pink geranium, red salvia, orange coleus, lilac ageratum, lemon-yellow tagetes, and white petunia. Both the façade and the pedestrian zone on New Arbat are decorated with various flowers. A 180 m flowerbed has been installed on the lower floor of the shopping center.

The flowers were planted on July 16 by Vesna shopping assistants and managers, as well as Bosco di Ciliegi friends and clients: Renata Litvinova, Rinal Mukhametov, Polina Askeri, Karina Andolenko, Sofia Doniants, Yulia Sharapova, and many others.

Come to New Arbat for the good mood, the grandiose flower displays, the wealth of color, and photos next to the beautifully decorated Vesna! Bosco Flower Festival will last until the end of August.


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