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8 November
Malo Tuscan Cuisine Week at the Bosco Café, Petrovsky Passage
From November 8 to 14, Malo will introduce Tuscan cuisine at the Homestyle Food Festival held at the Bosco Café, Petrovsky Passage. Tuscans adore bread, all types of fresh pasta, meat dishes, seafood, and fish.
In early October, Bosco Café at Petrovsky Passage launched the large-scale Homestyle Food Festival: famous Italian designers and their favorite chefs visit Moscow.
Bosco Café guests will be able to taste the favorite dishes of the designers and learn about the culinary preferences of various regions of Italy.
Malo's favorite chef, Italian Paolo Della Valle, will visit Moscow. Originally from Marche, the talented Paolo has worked in many establishments along the Adriatic coast. After gaining experience as a chef, he went to Tuscany to discover new tastes and expand his culinary palette. 
Now Paolo often works with star chefs, and together with chef Aleandro Polenti is a partner at the Cooking Lab. Cooking Lab organizes events for large companies; Paolo and Aleandro became chef ambassadors for Bsh — the German household appliance brand. Paolo Della Valle also runs cooking courses as part of the Cooking Lab Academy.
Especially for Bosco Cafe, Paolo Della Valle and the chef of Bosco Cafe — Davide Corso — have developed a menu that reflects the gastronomic traditions of the Tuscany Region and incorporates favorite dishes of Malo designers: White Cannellini Beans Hummus, Tuscan Style Bruschetta with Broccoli and Anchovies Sauce, Ricotta Cheese Balls with Eggplant and Almonds; hot dishes: Tuscan White Beans Vegetable Soup, Tuscan Walnut Gnocchi with Cheese Fondue, Beetroot Risotto, Cantucci with Goat Cheese, Florentine Roast; and the Zuccotto Cake for dessert.
A special gastro-set will be available during the culinary week at Bosco Café, Petrovsky Passage.
From November 15 to December 6, the Mediterranean cuisine from the Romagna region will be presented by the Alberta Ferretti brand chef. Bolognese sauce, lasagna, tortellini have brought the region worldwide fame.
Neapolitan cuisine, one of the richest and most diverse of all Italian cuisines, will be highlighted on December 6-15, presented by the chef of Isaia. Due to the exceptional climate and geography of the region, its cuisine is unique. The famous Italian pizza was created here.
For table reservations, please call +7 (495) 621 3117. We look forward to seeing you at Bosco Café, Petrovsky Passage!

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