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4 March
Etro Home: a journey from East to West and back
Contrary to the Rudyard Kipling's famous quote, the East and West meet, and their tandem is really beautiful. Etro Home proofs this fact brilliantly. The new SS 2017 collections are already available in the eponymous boutique in Petrovsky Passage. Textiles, which famed the brand including blankets, cushions, bedspreads, curtain fabric are in-store. Furniture pieces, bathroom accessories, pottery, dishes, floor lamps and light fixtures are also in the range. A huge selection of fabrics with the legendary paisley pattern and more is designed for furniture, transformed in Etro style.
Each textile SS 2017collection is a quotation from different cultures. Their polyphony is like a harmonious poem praising the passion for travelling. This year, the designers were elicited by Indian colonial motifs (Fulham), Persian miniatures (Muscat), Portuguese Azulejos, fairy Samarkand, as well as by London parks (Kensington) and French gardens (Balzac).
Once very expensive cashmere shawls from the colonial India which have become very popular all over Europe thanks the elegant Empress Josephine are played up in the textures of the Fulham collection. There are jacquard blankets of monochrome satin, velvet cushions with over-sized flowers against the background of the classic plaid fabric. The traditional paisley patterns vary. They are printed on smooth satin or embroidered with cotton thread.
Four hundred years ago this place has witnessed the love of Shah Jahan and his wife Mumtaz Mahal. These are the protected gardens of Shalimar, which complex labyrinths were transferred to Muscat fabrics. A kaleidoscope of lilac, ruby, amber and amethyst shades is reminiscent of gems admired by the beautiful ruler’s wife. Blankets of cotton satin with prints and cushions with flower bunches against striped, checkered and jacquard background amaze with luxurious patchwork.
Flowers are the mainstream of Balzac collection. Watercolor patterns spread over sophisticated carpets, canvases and bedspreads of cotton, wool and cashmere.
Purple, pink & ink-blue form the color palette of the English park Kensington. Paisley and the Prince of Wales check, satin, flowers and velvet of bright classic cushions once again form a bright union of the West and East.
Azulejos collection is about the magic of Portuguese ceramics transferred to fabric. Quilted blankets’ & bedcovers’ prints are similar to the tiles laid out along the edges. Vichi checks become the background of embroidered rugs and cushions.
Samarkand collection features the antique "ikat" dyeing technique: repeated & reversed patterns seem to be faded, fluttering like the lights of a night city. Paisley is combined with the ornaments inspired by caftans from Uzbekistan and the traditional vestments of India, China, Turkey and the Middle East.
See you in Etro Home boutique in Petrovsky Passage & Etro boutique in GUM!
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