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25 December
Christmas Bazaar in Petrovsky Passage

It is known that the anticipation of the holiday is even better than the holiday itself. We find the time for the things that allow in dreams only! Come to the Christmas Bazaar in case you want to plunge into childhood, wrap in joy or find yourself in a fairy tale.

The visitors of Petrovsky Passage are greeted by a huge fluffy Christmas Tree with gifts. Its main guard, the wooden Nutcracker, watches the guests of the fair curiously. Polar Teddy Bears look out of snow drifts, sky blue bells and hand-painted balls by Russian tradition hang down from the ceiling.

True ambience of Christmas tale reigns here. It seems that you are inside of a magic box: the walls are decorated with garlands of snow-covered flowers and branches, several spinning decorations from Lemax are in the shop-windows, familiar smell of ginger cookies, oranges and Christmas Tree is in the air.

The baskets are filled with balls of Murano glass, thematic collections of decorations are on special stands. For instance, there is an army of long-legged funny cocks, the main symbol of the up-coming year.
It is hard to leave without a gift. There are exclusive handmade decorations by Mostowski, snowy fairy tale from Dresher Christmas Decorations Factory, and vintage figures from Ariel Novgorod Christmas Decorations Factory and much more.

You can stay in this little kingdom, have a cup of coffee or hot tea if you do not want to leave the fairy tale.

See you in Petrovsky Passage!

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