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10 March
Movement of time
Watches with the moving figures, called automatons, have difficult fate. This technology was finally mastered by the end of the 17th century; erotic scenes were the most popular ones. Craftsmen competed in ingenuity - after all, just few people could afford these extremely rare and expensive timepieces.
Church could not remain on the sidelines, of course: the religious authorities of Geneva and Neuchâtel imposed a ban on further production of the similar watches, and the existing copies were subject to seizure and destruction.
Watchmakers decided to hide the figures under the hinged case-back then. Watches with automatons looked like ordinary models without special ornaments at first glance.
In 1993, Blancpain company revived this direction in its caliber 332, setting a new milestone in wristwatches’ manufacture: the world's first minute repeater was presented. It is ultimately complicated movement with automatons, beating the time on demand.
The move of automatons is combined with the work of the famous Blancpain minute repeater. It is extremely difficult to integrate automatons into the movements’ operation as they require a lot of energy and should not interfere with its work.
Each Blancpain "moving" watch is a unique timepiece made in a single copy with hand-created and carved figures on the case-back.
One of these models with the traditional frivolous scene can now be appreciated in the boutique of the brand in Petrovsky Passage.
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