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1 February
2-N-1 collection of handbags by MAX & Co.
2-N-1 is not a secret code or a code to a safe. It is the intriguing name of a new line of convertible handbags by MAX & Co. from the collection Spring-Summer 2017. Concealed magnets allow to change the shape of your bag instantly: you can adjust its capacity & silhouette or handles’ length. These are versatile models: they are easily changed to be in tune with the style and look of their owner, who lives in the fast rhythm of the modern metropolis, flying from an office to a party, and from a business trip to a round-up of good friends.
The collection offers three main models. Sophisticated sports backpack with a flap that can be carried on the shoulders with the adjustable straps or under the arm using a strap handle will be opted by practical ladies. Compact cross-shoulder bag, which looks stylish and elegant with the strap doubled up or at full length, is perfect for parties & festivities. Tote bag is designed for reserved persons: it can be carried in a hand, hanging on an arm  or cross shoulder.
Made of high-quality metallized or textured leather, 2-N-1 collection is available in silver, pink, black or apricot shades.

2-N-1 models are already offered at MAX&Co. boutiques -  in GUM, Smolensky Passage, VESNA, etc.
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