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14 June
Days of Brands in ARTICOLI by BOSCO GUM

There are well-known brands and the legendary ones. LANCOME & Hermes belong to the latter. To purchase beauty products by these brands, both novelties and bestsellers - means to invest into the beauty.
Therefore, do not miss Beauty Days in ARTICOLI by BOSCO GUM: extra 10% off LANCOME products will be available here on June 14th, it will be followed by Hermes with extra 5% off on June 15th.
Also, Leonor Greyl products can be purchased at a discount of 10% on June 14th. Majda Bekkali, Paul Emilien, Parfumerie Generale, Jul et Mad are extra 10% discounted from June 14th  to 16th.
Have a nice shopping! And see you in ARTICOLI by BOSCO GUM!

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