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1 December
The designer of the brand DOROTHEE SCHUMACHER in VESNA
On November 30th, the designer Dorothy Schumacher visited BOSCOFAMILY in VESNA to present her new collection Resort 2018 and the trends of the future SS season. Many well-known Russian TV presenters, actresses and it-girls were among the guests – admirers of the brands.
The fragile and smiling brunette Dorothy Schumacher is considered one of the best designers in Germany: each new collection of hers is enthusiastically described by German Vogue and Elle, InStyle, Glamor and other authoritative gloss. It is surely the case when appearance is deceptive, as incredible strength and confidence are hidden behind the feminine appearance.
DOROTHEE SCHUMACHER was established in the summer of 1989. Dorothee Schumacher turned 23 then. A new understanding of fashion appeared thanks to her: Schumacher triumphantly returned the "forgotten" femininity to the runway.
The sensual and gamy style of the first collection became a challenge against the stiff  "power dressing": a dull and toneless office clothes with broad shoulders, in which women won their place in a men’s world. Fitted silhouettes, attractive trim and satin ribbons have become a real discovery.
DOROTHEE SCHUMACHER style has been gradually crystallizing since then. It is built on contrasts –like the changeable female nature. The opposites are attracted in the new collection Resort 2018, which was presented at BOSCOFAMILY in VESNA: the cut borrowed from men's wardrobe is combined with feminine details, and the modern sports style is intertwined with the Italian dolce vita.
Ultra-cropped or classic bomber jacket is surely the icon piece of the collection. Fitted blazers are its mirror image: their silhouettes are almost masculine, but wide belts or jewels add carefreeness to the look. The designer offers to couple mini-skirts of luxurious brocade and cropped zippered trousers with hand- embroidered blouses featuring large cuffs. Striped dresses with a V-neck and a collar in the form of a scarf are the feminine variations of the now popular lingerie style.
The collection is already available at BOSCOFAMILY space in VESNA!
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