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17 July
Diptyque in Articoli by Bosco GUM
The corner of the iconic French perfumery house Diptyque was opened in Articoli by Bosco GUM. The famous branded fragrances, scented candles, home diffusers, body cares and more are in the range.
Diptyque was established 55 years ago in Paris. It all started with a meeting of the three friends who shared a common passion for creativity. They were interior designer Christiane Gautrot, artist Desmond Knox-Leetand theater director Yves Coueslant, who opened a small store, offering everything they liked from souvenirs, decorative items & wallpaper to beautiful fabrics. Gradually, they became interested in perfumery which made them famous eventually.
Now Diptyque flavors and perfumed candles enjoy incredible popularity around the world. Such celebs as Charlize Theron, Jennifer Lopez, Keith Moss, Eva Mendes and Emma Watson are among the fanciers of the brand.

See you at Diptyque corner in Articoli by Bosco GUM!

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