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4 June
Children's Day: a holiday in Children's GUM
Great holiday dedicated to the Children's Day was traditionally held in Children's GUM.

Merry bustle reigned in the store during the whole day. The guests were greeted by Uncle Steeple in Vetoshniy lane. He ensured safety of the young pedestrians sharing sunny mood with them. Beautiful fairies entertained the young guests by arranging funny competitions, giving the opportunity to get the cherished ticket to BoscoBambino confectionery, where everyone could make the famous GUM's ice cream.

Work-shops at modeling, creating bracelets, balls with wishes and postcards were held for the guests of the fest at each level of the store. The invited masters braided hair of the young beauties.

Children's laughter, smiles, the atmosphere of joy and fun marked the long-awaited arrival of summer!

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