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15 August
The Day of M.Micallef in Articoli by Bosco GUM

For you:
- professional advice of perfumery stylist
- perfumery complimentary gifts from the brand
- extra10% off the purchase of any M.Micallef flavor

The M.Micallef Perfume House is known for its achievements in combining rare fragrances and artistic craftsmanship. It stood at the origins the so-called niche perfume in the early 1990s. The owners of the brand manage to create not only wonderful fragrances, but also pay special attention to the creation of designer bottles that are true works of art: they are painted by hand and decorated with luxurious Swarovski crystals. M.Micallef precious elixirs are liquid legends, keeping the widest range of powerful perfumery sensations. Today the brand is presented in over 900 boutiques in 54 countries of the world, which allows it to be one of the outstanding niche brands of our time.

See you in Articoli by Bosco GUM on August 17th!


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