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3 April
A Delicate Matter: The Cheval d’Orient Collection by Hermes
The Cheval d’Orient is inspired by the subtle and mysterious Eastern world: imagine its colorful and loud bazaars, the famous Persian rugs, and albums of old Eastern miniatures.
Hermes masters carefully reviewed the collection of the Adrien Dubouché National Museum of Porcelain at Limoges and the Oriental exhibits from the private collection of Émile Hermès himself.
The elegant decoration of the Cheval d’Orient tableware is based on Persian ornaments intricately intertwining bold colors and gilding, Arabian studs and horse harness.
The title of the collection reflects the rich history of the Arabian folklore and can be translated as “The Horse of the East”. The porcelain items with sophisticated patterns and images show the sincere devotion of its creators to the free-spirited noble animals. The depictions were inspired by the beautiful illustrations of Persian riders on adorned horses from the book of the Iranian poet Abu ʾl-Qasim Firdowsi about the history of the Iranian people.
The Hermes collection is available at the BoscoCasa, Petrovsky Passage; we look forward to seeing you!

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