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22 August
Dazed and confused: Russian Olympic outfit is a real must-have
British fashion magazine Dazed and Confused posted the photo shooting of the Olympic BOSCO Collection, calling it a victory, which is ahead of all other countries worldwide.

According to Calum Gordon, the author of the article, special attraction of the Olympic collection is in the perfect combination of sports aesthetics of the 90s and keen interest of the West in fashion trends of the Post-Soviet space. Gordon draws parallels with the summer collection of the young Russian designer Gosha Rubchinsky, which, just like the Olympic BOSCO collection, was inspired by Alexander Rodchenko’s works.

"In addition to zippered sweater jackets & sweatshirts, BOSCO company has created a series of T-shirts, inspired by the works of El Lissitzky so as you could cheer for your favorite sport in style" - the author of the article says.

BOSCO sports outfit is becoming very popularity, there is a real hunting for the coveted suits in social networks.

"No doubt, Russia has created a sample of absolute sports excellence that will exist for decades. This is the achievement surpassing all the Olympic victories. Perhaps this is the best tracksuit ever"- Gordon reckons up.

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