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24 May
"Cherry Poem-Making" at the Theater of Nations
"T-shirt is turned inside out, the hole is on the sock. The life is so difficult for me in the morning…" – that is how the cheerful and vivid production "Cherry Poem-Making " starts. The favorite Russian artists plunged into the ocean of poetry, looking at the world through the eyes of a child. "The terrible horror" that lives under the bed, the long-awaited vacation, the first impressions of the trip to the sea and, of course, the tastiest grandmother's pancakes ... On May 23rd, children's play "Cherry Poem-Making" featuring star trustees of the Galchonok (Young Daw) charity fund took place on the stage of the Theater of Nations within XVII Open Arts Festival Chereshnevy Les.
The wonderful poems of contemporary children's poets Masha Rupasova, Natalia Volkova and Anastasia Orlova were performed by the best artists led by the ideological inspirer and director of the play Julia Peresild.
Playing up everyday situations, familiar to both kids and adults, the play helps parents to better understand children, while teaching kids goodness and friendship: "Is Mom at home? Mom is out. Mom is online! "
"Poem-Making" is the play similar to a construction kit: the cast and the plot is almost completely changed each time, so the production, performed at the best stages of Moscow, is always new.
However, Grandmother is the key and irreplaceable protagonist of “Poem-Making”. This honorable part was given to Elizabeth Boyarskaya on May 23rd.
All actors participate in the production on voluntary basis.  The funds collected from the tickets’ sale are sent to help the trusts of the Galchonok fund.
According to the tradition, all spectators could talk with poets Anastasia Orlova, Maria Rupasova and Natalia Volkova before and after the performance, purchase their books with autographs and souvenirs with the fund's symbols, and also take pictures with the actors as well as to eat ice cream, gingerbread, cotton candy and, cherries. We made cherry poems after all!
XVII Open Arts Festival Chereshnevy Les has prepared many other interesting events this year. The full program can be seen here.
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