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30 November
Watch corner Chanel in SUBLIME BY BOSCO VESNA celebrates its birthday

Birthday is a holiday to be shared with keen and friends.
That is why Chanel watch corner in Sublime by BOSCO VESNA has prepared a surprise to celebrate its birthday. You are welcome to join the party on December 2nd. Specials, treats & freebies will be offered. Hand-care treatment is especially nice compliment by the brand.

The new FW jewelry and watch collection has its own history. One day, a close friend of Coco Chanel Misia Sert gave her a figurine of two deer. They perfectly fit into the decor of the famous apartment of Coco Chanel in Cambon Street, which has already had a couple of deer, birds, frogs and lions. Now they inhabit the world created by the craftsmen of the watch and jewelry Chanel art to celebrate the New Year.

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