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26 May
Carrera y Carrera: day & night
Spanish jewelry house Carrera y Carrera, which is famous not only for jewelry pieces, but for miniature precious sculptures, seems to have fallen to the fascination of the ubiquitous minimalism. It means that the choice of casual jewelry has become wider due to the renewed Aqua collection.
The recognizable yin & yang symbol, a beautiful union of mineral and metal has become the main decorative motif of the collection. Pendants, rings and earrings from the Aqua collection are like exquisite mascots. Bright mother-of-pearl and dark onyx coexist with yellow or white gold and diamonds.
All jewels, except stud earrings, are double-sided. For example, one side of Aqua S ring is decorated with white diamonds, while another one features black diamonds. Onyx side of white gold jewelry can be opted for afternoon, and diamond side for evening or night.
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