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17 January
Boutique of Swiss Ulysse Nardin manufactory appeared in Sochi

The legendary Swiss watch manufacturer Ulysse Nardin, the recognized leader in the field of complex and high-precision movements since 1846, introduced its mono-brand boutique in Sochi. It opened its doors in the latter end of December. There is good reason for the location choice. It was opened at the territory of all-season resort, "Gorki Gorod" within the walls of luxurious five-star hotel "Sochi Marriott Krasnaya Polyana" together with the long-term partner of the brand – BOSCO company.

The interior of the new concept space, made in strict black and white colors with gold accents, is a tribute to the outstanding marine heritage of the brand: round shop-windows reminiscent of illuminators, which, like seabed, keep precious stylish chronographs; austere white walls and floor, resembling the deck of an expensive yacht, and anchor - the main symbol of the manufactory of course. After all, thanks to their high precision, the original Ulisse Nardin marine chronometers were used as navigation devices of commercial and military ships.

The boutique offers the legendary watches of the manufactory including such iconic models as Marine Chronometer Manufacture, Classico, Jade, Marine Chronograph, Executive Skeleton and others.

See you in the new Ulysse Nardin space in Sochi!

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