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19 September
Philosophy di Lorenzo Serafini store in Petrovsky Passage
Lorenzo Serafini looks feature lightweight fabrics, pastel hues, interesting prints and lace abundance.

The new collection of the designer is about the immersion into an aura of decadence & London clubs of the 1980s. Princess Diana and rock singer Susie Sue, combining romance and rebellion, are its protagonists.

Ultra-feminine looks of the new collection are replenished with energetic rock style accents. Pleated skirts and high waist pants of leather with blouses are softened by refined Chantilly lace. Soft striped mohair tops are accentuated with ruffles. Blouses are decorated with crimped collars, elegant silhouettes are decorated with black velvet trim and pearls.

The designer chooses muslin, embroidered tulle, Pointe d'espri lace, embroidered fabrics and silk chiffon, replenishing it with the elements of velvet, patent nappa leather, tweed and sheared fur.

Romantic color palette of powdery pink, pale blue and ivory is diluted with inclusions of black and lacquered red.

Simplicity and refinement of Philosophy models made them cherished ones. They are chosen for red carpet events of the majority of the international film festivals. Philosophy di Lorenzo Serafini are the faves of actresses Julianne Moore, Saoirse Ronan, Anna Kendrick, Kristen Bell and many others.

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