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11 August
Lardini Boutique, Crocus City Mall

The Italian menswear brand Lardini launched its newest boutique at Crocus City Mall in Moscow.

The 161 sq.m. space is all about natural colors and rich textures: light sandy granite slabs complement the beige marble on the floors and contrast effectively with black marble, wood, and leather details.

The link to nature is no coincidence. Warm hues and the desire to return to a more relaxed, conscientious, and eco-friendly lifestyle are the main inspirations behind the Lardini A/W 2021-22 collection.

The new season features a focus on autumn colors: ochre, muted yellow, bold blue, all hues of beige and brown, dark orange, and dusty dark red. The collection is made from a variety of natural and eco-friendly fabrics, including wool, cashmere, tweed, and cotton.

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