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15 December
Eres Boutique in VESNA
On December 15th, the space of the famous French brand of lingerie and swimwear Eres, which is the part of the fashion house Chanel, was opened at the second level of VESNA in Novy Arbat. Eres was established in France in the rebellious and revolutionary 1968 and made the revolution in the world of beach fashion. Each woman is obliged to the founder of the brand Irene Laru by the modern sexy bathing suits which look rather like alluring lingerie then like ridiculous pjs. The ironical straightforwardness of that rebellious era was expressed in the cut and lush color of each Eres model.
In 1998, the brand introduced its own lingerie line, emphasizing body architecture. Eres is all about clear cut and simple design. Special materials and brilliant cut without wires and pads "sculpt" female body, emphasizing its tempting curves and hiding possible imperfections. Seductive styles of bras, shirts, bodysuits and slips of satin, tulle, silk and cotton balance between style and modern technologies.
The laconic and elegant design of the new Eres space in VESNA is in tune with the style of the brand, which is famous for the exquisite minimalism for 40 years already. The boutique presents new lingerie FW collection 2017/18, as well as a cruise collection of swimwear and beachwear inspired by Art Deco style.
In the new season, the designers were inspired by a fabulous enchanted forest filled with the whispers of silk, lace and jacquard. The Christmas collection calls to the world of magic visions, fairy-tale plants, fantasy animals and birds.
Come for a Christmas fairy tale to a new ERES boutique at VESNA in Novy Arbat!

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