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3 December
BoscoVesna. New Mood. New Experience

This winter, Bosco di Ciliegi launches the large-scale project to renew the VESNA Shopping Centre space on Novy Arbat. The first stage of the project is the rebranding, which includes the introduction of a new logo.

The new digitized name BoscoVesna will now adorn the main entrance of the shopping center in place of the original signboard. The new name is surrounded by neon lighting, which is in constant motion and reflects the color palette of one of Moscow’s main business and commercial districts – Novy Arbat.

The architectural solution was created by the Wowhaus Project Bureau team, well-known for its work on the beautification of public spaces, including the embankments and the largest parks of Moscow. The bureau actively cooperates with cultural and educational institutions: Garage Contemporary Art Museum, Documentary Film Centre, Praktika Theatre, Pioneer Cinema, and many other significant public spaces.

The addition of the word Bosco to Vesna's updated logo is no coincidence but helps underline the shopping center’s inclusion in the Bosco di Ciliegi Group. This change will help make the space more recognizable and comfortable for Bosco friends and clients.

The new BoscoVesna logo embodies the modern world: dynamic, ever-changing, constantly moving, and, naturally, digital.

BoscoVesna views the rebranding as the first step in a series of important changes that will occur at the shopping center soon and that will transform its interior.

The shopping center will offer an even more extensive selection of new brands for its favorite clients: stylish and self-reliant women and men who are goal-oriented and self-assured, interested in fashion and art, fully in line with contemporary trends. BoscoVesna clients value their time and prefer to engage in quality and comfortable shopping in the megapolis’s very heart in a creative modern format.

These coming changes will not only grant BoscoVesna a new architectural look but will also update the shopping spaces and communal spaces in line with modern trends. BoscoVesna offers its friends and clients a combination of quality shopping experience, first-class service, and a carefully curated selection of items. BoscoVesna represents a new type of shopping center where one comes to experience new emotions and feelings.

Today BoscoVesna is a concept shopping center with stylish collections created by young designers and luxury brands for life and beauty. The shopping center offers a wide selection of items for various occasions. Buy a business suit or an exquisite dress for a visit to the theatre, choose a backpack for your child, find gifts for your family and friends. BoscoVesna updates the collections each season to ensure that clients can always discover the newest items for the here and now. 

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