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23 October
BOSCOSFASHIONWEEK: Paul Smith AW 2019/20 Fashion Show
Paul Smith, the inventor extraordinaire, launched his AW 2019/20 Fashion Show on October 22 at Petrovsky Passage as part of the BOSCOSFASHIONWEEK.
Bosco di Ciliegi customers and friends of the brand once again took to the runway, presenting looks suitable for the whole family, including children. The show was designed to replicate the atmosphere of authentic English grunge. Street food, street musicians, red beer, and free spirit added to the formidable ambiance of the event.
This year's show is focused on the Paul Smith Artist's Studio collection that is inspired by the familiar elements of Covent Garden. The new prints, introduced by Sir Paul, feature a daring combination of style and colors.
Looking around his London office, Paul Smith was inspired by how an old copy of The Face could coexist with a book by Dutch masters. This unexpected clash of styles is captured in the New Masters print series. Here Dutch floral arrangements are combined with blurry photo images, and animalistic prints are combined with bold fonts.
Prints are a tribute to Andy Warhol's large-format Interview magazine this explains why most of the collection elements are quite large.
The relaxed and slightly nonchalant British elegance is reproduced in this modern collection, following current trends. For example, the British riding jacket of the 1930s from a thick cavalry twill was an inspiration for the creation of a new product. Rethinking the piece, Sir Paul augmented its proportions, modernized the design, and replaced British wool with a lighter Italian cotton wool fabric.
The Autumn/Winter 2019/20 collection is a celebration of Sir Paul Smith's individuality and independence – character traits that he has expressed from the very beginning of his career.
The ESTEL team created the perfect hairstyles of the models at the show. ESTEL Professional is a Russian brand that has been producing high-quality and effective care cosmetic products for 19 years. Tradition, innovation, singularity: all that you need to complete your flawless look.

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