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13 December
BoscoFresh to Celebrate Passenger Day at Sheremetyevo

On December 19, Sheremetyevo airport will host a pre-New Year Passenger Day event. BoscoFresh will offer sweet treats to all event participants, a festive mood is guaranteed!

On December 19, Sheremetyevo airport will host a pre-New Year Passenger Day event. Bosco stores have prepared pleasant surprises for all visitors: photograph yourself in the uniforms of cosmonauts. The stand is located right in front of the stores!

On Passenger Day, Bosco will also treat all its visitors with the ultimate New Year delicacy — sweet mandarins!

Bosco gained worldwide renown for its participation in the Olympic movement: from 2002 to January 2017, the company was the exclusive outfitter of the Russian Olympic and Paralympic national teams. At present Bosco focuses on creating clothes for an active lifestyle with travel clothes and distinctive, stylish clothes being the brand’s hallmarks.

The design of all Bosco collections is completely done in Russia. Bosco is currently the most recognizable Russian brand working in clothes production. Each winter collection is based around fine and distinctive down-padded coats, high-quality knitwear made from premium materials, and unique sportswear which already became a calling card for Bosco.

The A/W 2020/21 collection was inspired by two main themes: the exploration of space and the heroic research work done by Russian and Soviet scientists in the Arctic. Elements of the Orlan and Sokol spacesuits that have been used since 1973 to equip and safeguard cosmonauts during takeoff and landing are readily recognizable as influences for the down-padded coats from the A/W 2020/21 collection. Crystals and prisms appear on everything: in the graphics and multicolored patterns, as foxes and bears on sweatshirts and sweaters, and the crystallized version of the Bosco brand name on T-shirts.

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