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10 November
GUM Demonstration Hall hosted the show of the new collection on November 9th.
FW collection 2016/17 is based on the sophisticated and original Art Deco style, popular in the 20s of XX century. It was interpreted by the designers and acquired the recognizable features of the traditional BOSCO collections.
Olympic champion Alexei Nemov with his family, Svetlana Khorkina, Maria Shurochkina, Margarita Mamun, as well as journalist and it-girl Polina Askeri, golf player Maria Verchenova, swimmer Alexander Sukhorukov and others were among the guests of the show.
The head of BOSCO DI CILIEGI Group of Companies Mikhail Kusnirovich greeted all the guests of the fest and invited to the GUM Skating Rink on December 1st to open the new season in the cozy and elegant BOSCOFresh clothes together with the families.
Mikhail Kusnirovich:
- BOSCOFresh takes part in the BOSCO Fashion Week for the first time. For the first time our keen will take the charge of demonstrating that "it should be created" and "it would be worn." We are always worried when creating a new collection. Those who were watching our Olympic team in August wearing the avant-garde victorious clothes, may be surprised. Yes, it is the Russian avant-garde, which spread around the world in the 20s-30s of the last century. BOSCOFresh is clothes for the free time spare from the Olympic Games. We thought about what was happening in the world at that time and what has happened after it, when creating BOSCOFresh collection; how Art Deco is combined with our avant-garde or Bauhaus, for instance, and how our popular sweaters with bears will look with deer. That is how our collection was born.
The Olympic fencing champion Sofia Velikaya, who opened the show and the Merited Master of Sports in Rhythmic Gymnastics Amina Zaripova with children acted as celeb BOSCOFresh models this time.
There was warm in the GUM Demonstration Hall even despite the snow-covered streets. The participants, wearing knitted dresses and skirts, stylish coats with fluffy fur collars and the favorite recognizable patterns, went to the catwalk dancing – together with their friends and even with the families. After the show, charged with good mood and inspired by stylish ideas, everyone went to the store to purchase the appealing looks.
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