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9 November
BOSCOAFASHIONWEEK: the power of motion by Max Mara
Actress Elena Zakharova, TV presenter Irina Sashina, golf player Maria Verchenova, singer Julianna Karulova and others came to get acquainted with the FW winter collections of the brands, and TV presenter Tatyana Gevorkian tried on one of the looks of the new collection and showed it on the runway.
The Demonstration Hall, decorated with the laconic constructivist posters, was turned into an art workshop of the 20s of XX century to be in tune with Max Mara designers who were inspired by the avant-garde art and the Bauhaus this year.
The show was opened by the fashion expert Evelina Khromchenko. She told about the era, which is reflected in the new collection, about the rise of women's emancipation in the 20s and why the new collection especially allied to Russian women is.
- The collection is permeated by the things that Russia has given to the world of art. Today you will see the constructivism and avant-garde in all their manifestations. The main theme of the collection is art deco, the "inter-war" era, when woman regained freedom and independence, when Coco Chanel showed that mistress and her maid can wear the same little black dress. This is the age when a woman finally got something for which she fought - that is emancipation. This is the great era, which has left its trace in the history of art, and this trace is always with Russian accent. Everyone remembers it due to the Russian avant-garde designs, sketches of Lyubov Popova, photographs of Alexander Rodchenko, paintings of Kazimir Malevich. Today we can be especially proud of the things that Russia has given to the international art. Yes, the new Max Mara collection draws the ideas from art, born in the walls of the Bauhaus, but it is the Russian avant-garde in one of its specific manifestations. Girls were the students of the Bauhause, and beautiful dresses and embodied in fabrics avant-garde ideas are surely the best to please the girls.
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