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10 November
BOSCOAFASHIONWEEK. Second day. Etro: The conquerors of the peaks
Etro show on November 9th, held on the second day of the fall BOSCOAFASHIONWEEK in GUM, proved: contrary to Kipling's famous statement, East and West can still meet. This evening many Russian celebs made a journey to one of the main "places of power" on Earth - a mysterious Tibet - together with the favorite brand.
The traditional opening remarks were made by the fashion expert, TV presenter Evelina Khromchenko, who explained why Etro is never too much.
The beautiful Etro nomad wears chiffon sarafans with a wide belt at the waist, loose oriental harem trousers and alladins with sheepskin inserts combined with motley ethnic bomber jackets or cropped fur vests, silk mini dresses and overalls come with long ethnic cloaks.
Etro adventurer conquers the mountain peaks somewhere between Japan and Scotland. Hence, there is the abundance of checks, which became the main print of long tweed coats, woolen jackets and elegant suits, corduroy kimono capes and versatile cargo pants. Sweatshirts & outerwear of nylon remind of wild distant peaks’ inhabitants: mountain bears, wolves and royal antelopes are on the backs, pockets and lining.
Why follow the Etro call and not rank yourself to the conquerors of the mountains this season? After all, everyone aspires to their own heights in one way or another. Also, we love this fashion house because each time it presents its branded paisley in a new way, because it paints our everyday life with bright colors of eclecticism and because it reveals the charming beauty of distant countries to us again and again.
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