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15 December
Bosco – Rugby Union of Russia Official Partner

Bosco has signed a partnership agreement with the Rugby Union of Russia. The brand will be the official supplier of equipment to the Russian national rugby and rugby sevens teams during the 2020-2021 season.

Bosco designers and product specialists have developed special gear for the Russian national teams taking into consideration the specific requirements of the sport. Rugby players require durable, flexible, and reliable uniforms. By utilizing its factory assets, unique technologies, and vast experience in creating sportswear, Bosco produced professional gear ideal for heavy-duty rugby matches.

Rugby Union of Russia General Director and Chairman Stanislav Druzhinin: “Bosco is a Russian brand well-recognized by the sports community. The entire Olympic team of Russia appeared in uniforms by Bosco! Our partnership with Bosco is a great example for other brands to follow in recognizing the opportunities that rugby has to offer.”

Casual clothes from the Bosco Sport line were also developed for the national teams to complement the official and training gear.

Russian national female rugby team captain Alena Tiron: “It is wonderful that Bosco and the Rugby Union of Russia became partners. All our girls are thrilled. Our team is preparing to qualify for the Tokyo Olympics. We will do everything possible to be the best of the best and to achieve great results with Bosco!”

Bosco actively supports Russian sports. Since 2001 the company has cooperated with a number of sports clubs and associations. Bosco is the first Russian brand that has been equipping Olympic sportspeople for more than 16 years.

The brand sees the partnership between Bosco and the Rugby Union of Russia as a way to develop this sport in the country: “We are happy that the Rugby Union of Russia selected Bosco as its official gear supplier. We do hope that the cooperation with the Rugby Union of Russia will be long-standing, and we are certain that the members of the national teams will find the uniforms perfect for both training and competing.”

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