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23 April
Bosco & FLGR Host Autograph Signing with Russian Skiers!

Crowds of fans, camera flashes, people chanting “Champions!” – everything was very much about sport, fun, and pride for the success of Russian sportspeople at GUM on April 22! Skiing enthusiasts warmly welcomed the Russian cross-country skiing team headed by Elena Välbe, president of the Cross-Country Skiing Federation of Russia (FLGR).

Alexander Bolshunov, Natalya Nepryayeva, Ivan Yakimushkin, Artyom Maltsev, Yana Kirpichenko, Gleb Retivykh, and Elena Välbe signed autographs and photographed with fans. World Skiathlon Champion Alexander Bolshunov brought his awards with him: medals and the Crystal Globe.

Queues began forming two hours before the autograph session. People came from other cities to meet their favorite sportspeople.

During the event, the head of Bosco di Ciliegi Mikhail Kusnirovich and Alexander Bolshunov presented a special skiing outfit to Sasha, the 12-year-old skier from Noginsky District. The girl wrote a letter to Mr. Kusnirovich, asking for an outfit just like those that are worn by Bolshunov and Nepryayeva.

As noted by Bosco commercial director Pavel Grigorov, “these events influence the development of Russian sport. Many young people are with us here today. This is a great sign for the future of skiing in Russia. Bosco is proud of its longstanding friendship and cooperation with the Cross-Country Skiing Federation of Russia. We are happy that Russian skiers gain victories while wearing our skiing outfits! May the future bring them even greater triumphs!”

The event lasted more than 1.5 hours. The skiers expressed gratitude to their fans. They said that they were pleasantly surprised by the great number of people at the autograph session.

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