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28 August
Bosco Fiori: a bunch by September 1st
A bunch by September 1st is the same full participant of important events, as a wedding bunch with the only difference that it is not thrown to the friends, but presented to the beloved teacher solemnly. And many of us still remember the bunches of asters or gladioli that were brought to the traditional school assembly.
Now you should not run to the store on the eve of September 1st and worry that flowers will wither in a vase: just order your dream bouquet in Bosco Fiori in advance. Florists of GUM and Petrovsky Passage create stunningly beautiful compositions, taking into account the latest trends in the changing flower fashion and your wishes. Prices start from 1800 rubles.
See you in Bosco Fiori - the main flower shop of GUM and Petrovsky Passage

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