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4 December
Bosco di Ciliegi opens new mono-brand ETRO HOME store in Petrovsky Passage

220 m² Etro Home Collection boutique opened its doors in Petrovsky Passage on December 3rd. The guests who were personally welcomed by Jacopo Etro and the head of BOSCO DI CILIEGI companies Mikhail Kusnirovich, plunged into the world of Etro home.

Nikolai Fomenko, Ingeborga Dapkunayte, Katya Gerdt, Vladimir Yaglych, Evelina Khromchenko, Pavel Kogan, Vadim Dymov, Pavel and Svetlana Astakhov, Jurate Gurauskayte, Gennady Yozefavichus, Regina von Flemming, Sergey Chirkov and others joined the party this evening.

The guests snugged in cozy armchairs and on soft pouffes, had talks leaning against the graphic black-and-white table, discussed the latest news sitting on a luxurious bed strewn with oriental pillows. The cozy home-like ambience was reminiscent  of a party at the Italian villa, which is always open for friends.

"You know,  Etro work is an anthem to the joy of life, and we are not tired of singing it in different voices for almost half a century. Our parents started it and we continue. Therefore, the concepts of succession, family & home are very valuable for us just like for BOSCO DI CILIEGI, with which we are together for almost 15 years already. Today, I am especially proud to introduce a new stage of our friendship, Etro Home Collection direction”, - Jacopo Etro stressed.

Located at the second level, at the beginning of the passage of the second line of Petrovsky Passage from Petrovka Street, Etro Home Collection creates a single space with the existing Etro boutique. The space is defined by the latest trends of Etro Home Milano design: quiet and noble walls of gray shades are accentuated by bright panels in branded orange color, spacious and high-ceilinged sales room.

Etro Home Collection offers furniture, dishes, pottery, bathroom accessories, light fixtures and lamps. The legendary textiles that famed the brand are also in-store of course. You can find blankets, pillows & bedspreads. The collection of illustrious Etro furniture & curtain fabrics that beckon like spines of rare books in the library is our special pride. Now they can be purchased in Moscow. In addition, the store offers the service of custom furniture upholstery.

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