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26 May
Blancpain Métiers d'Art: into the breach!
What can be more spectacular than the struggle of two powerful rivals? Blancpain introduces a new unique model, created in a single copy. Made in gold and shakudo alloy, it depicts the "Battle of the Queen Cows". This breed from Val d'Herens is a part of the Swiss national heritage since 1861 and is known for its traditional annual spring battles. A cow is announced a winner when its opponent turns away and refuses to fight. At the end of this action, the "Queen", which will lead the rest to the lush pastures, is chosen.
Alain Delamuraz, Blancpain Vice President:
Despite the fact that all Blancpain watches are unique and made by hand at the manufactory, the Métiers d'Art models are even more individual and special. A craftsman works over each element & sketch. He decorates the watch and treats it like a work of art, because that's exactly what every Métiers d'Art timepiece is.
The dial of the latest Métiers d'Art masterpiece is made of shakudo - an alloy of gold and copper. The artist engraves the shakudo and adds it with decor. It is about the battle of the Queen Cows, made of gold with the use of hand engraving. The figures are fixed and held by means of tiny attachments.
The Blancpain logo and Matterhorn Mountain are engraved by hand. The collars of the bulls are made of yellow gold and attached to the silhouettes by means red gold in damasquinage technique: a groove is made in the applique, which is then filled with another metal - with yellow gold in this case. The gold is carefully hammered into the groove, being evenly distributed and leveling the surface of the applique.
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