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14 February
Blancpain: the hymn of love
"I will give you the sky shinning like diamonds," an ardent young man usually promises to his sweetheart. It is February 14th – so, seize the moment! Especially if the sky can be placed on the wrist of your lady, like the mother-of-pearl dial of the new woman’s model of Blancpain Villeret watch, studded with the stars of 19 diamonds and 4 rubies. The Blancpain collection is firstly about the refined sapphire phase of the Moon placed at an angle to the "6 o'clock". The Moon features feminine face with a fly, which was in vogue in Europe at the end of the 18th century.
The Moon phase is a complication that has almost disappeared until Blancpain re-introduced it in the early 1980s. It has become a signature of the manufactory since then.
The minute and hour hands are made in the form of the carved sage leaves, while the second hand repeats the Cupid’s arrow in shape.
She will definitely like it.
The model is available at Blancpain boutique in Petrovsky Passage!

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