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13 April
On April 14th, the famous French street-art artist Romain Froquet will arrive to Moscow to create the decorations in the run-up to BOSCOFAMILY fashion show right before the eyes of the audience. The show will be held in VESNA on the same day within the spring BOSCOFASHIONWEEK.
The limited collection of T-shirts featuring fashion print by Romain Froquet will also be showed within the show in VESNA. Money from the sale of T-shirts will be transferred to the charitable foundation "Galchonok" (Yong Jackdaw), which helps kids with organic lesions of the central nervous system.
Romain Froquet, who designed the interiors of VESNA this year, works in the genre of graffiti and street art. The talented self-taught, in the age of 35 he has already took part in many group and personal projects, including an exhibition at the Pompidou Center in Paris.
This is not the first experience of Froquet's work with shopping centers. In 2015 he has painted lamp shades for the famous Paris department store Printemps (which stands for English Spring), which celebrated its 150th anniversary. The decoration was originally conceived as temporary, but it was appreciated to become permanent.
His bright, vibrant abstractions are fascinating in their color, shape, composition & 3d effect. The free, soaring manner and expressive, recognizable Froquet’s style as well as Urban Tree motif, inherent in his works, turned VESNA windows into living blossoming organisms that seem to breathe together with the city, soaking up its endless energy.
Froquet took up the work of VESNA decorating with enthusiasm: "I would like to see the garden here in VESNA. The space featuring brightness, light and glare of a lot of glass showcases is reminiscent of a greenhouse with blossoming lush flowers. Also, a tree is a symbol of nature & human existence circularity."
The works of Romain Froquet at the territory of Russia and the CIS countries are exclusively presented in the Askeri Gallery art space, which was opened in 2015 on the initiative of journalist and TV presenter Pauline Askeri.
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