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21 March
Fragrance from the Exclusive Le Muguet Guerlain Collection
The exclusive Le Muguet Guerlain collection sales launch on April 25. The fragrance is sold only one day per year, and the aroma is different each year. This year we celebrate the lily-of-the-valley.
The sophisticated and delicate Muguet is one of Guerlain’s classics. The lily-of-the-valley blossoms are treasured in perfumery. It is always recreated and reinvented. In 1908 Jacques Guerlain gave voice to the first Muguet of the House. In 1998 Jean-Paul Guerlain created his version of the aroma. Since 2016, Thierry Wasser imagined lily-of-the-valley with herbal upper notes. The precious 2019 edition “weaved” a new history and fashion for a unique and innovative silk work.
The perfume bottle is decorated with a soft “silk ribbon” stamped with speckles of 69 bees and the gilded fragrance name – Muguet. The final touch is a white satin cord on the bottle’s neck that was tied to the perfume bottle by the House of Guerlain craftswomen as it is customary for the most precious perfume bottles.
The limited numbered edition includes only 5019 pieces of the perfume worldwide. Make sure to get an appointment, please ask our shop assistants for further details at the Guerlain corners. 
Le Muguet Guerlain will be available at Articoli by Bosco, GUM. Le Muguet Guerlain will be available at Articoli by Bosco, GUM, Vesna on Arbat, and Smolensky Passage. Make a reservation to acquire your Muguet!

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