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17 January
ANTONIO MARRAS: dedication to Parajanov

Antonio Marras, one of the most prominent intellectuals of the fashion world, has surprised the sophisticated audience once again, presenting his new collection at the Triennale Design Museum, where "Not a day without a line" set-out has ended the day before the event. The show was preceded by an offbeat performance played by the models. According to Marras, he was inspired by the works of the iconic Soviet director Sergei Parajanov, who made great impression on him.

"I stumbled by chance across Paradžanov’s exhibi-tion Le Magnifique in Paris in 2007. It was love at first sight. How could I not be overwhelmed by this deluge of images, pictorially powerful visual stimuli, variegated colours, interjoined weaves, ancient stories, extreme characters, three-di-mensional drawings and excessive, visionary combinations? ... "- the designer says.

Just like his idol, Marras sees the world and fashion in particular as a puzzle made up of a variety of collages; this time the models showed clothing made of the fabrics of different textures and colors. Metal taffeta, linen, stretch, organza, crepe, tweed, brocade, jacquard, chiffon and laminated leather create the kaleidoscope of eclectic motifs.

As usual, Marras manages to unite leopard print & floral appliques, plaid fabric & strips, polka dots & paisley without crossing the line of bad taste. Muted shades of bronze, brass, lead, ivory, sand and dark chocolate are imbued with bright flashes of white, turquoise and magenta.

Draperies, frills, layers, ruffles, veils add theatrical drama and breakdown to the looks just like unexpected Napoleon's cocked hats & fur trimmed collars. "Reflections on memory and time: individual, collective and historical memory deposited on clothes, identifying signs," - Marras says.

This season modern men of fashion who opt for Antonio Marras style, are offered to wear timeless double-breasted coats, bomber jackets decorated with appliques, overcoats with sophisticated collars, long capes and suits in "safari" style.

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