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30 March
"A good taste is when after a meeting with you people remember that you were dressed well, but do not remember exactly what you had on." A meeting with designer Victoria Andreyanova took place in Smolensky Passage

A regular meeting with Russian designers took place in Smolensky Passage on March 30th within the BOSCO DI CILIEGI’s project "At the forefront of Russian fashion". This time, Victoria Andreyanova dropped into the makeshift lecture hall at the second level of BOSCOFAMILY store.
She talked with the chief editor of PEOPLETALK Laura Jugelia about the recent show, the ideas of her new collection, the must-haves of this season, and also answered the guests' questions.
This year is anniversary for Victoria Andreyanova brand. It turns 25, which is very considerable age. Now, Andreyanova's team employs 70 people, and her collections, in addition to Moscow, can be found in the boutiques of Milan, Hamburg, Munich, and also in Kuwait, Taiwan, China and Japan, where her garments are especially appreciated.
However, it is understandable why: "It is important for me to make a woman in my clothes to look the best way, but that no one suspects that she "dressed up". I like expressive, but clear articles. They should be interesting due to their cut, design & convenience", - the designer considers. "Being not a "fat-free", I understand women of my type well." – she adds smiling.
Victoria Andreyanova is one of those rare designers who can master not only with a pencil, but also with a needle and a sewing machine. She was graduated from the theater art school, and from the textile institute in Moscow then. She also created scenery and costumes at the Maly and Bolshoi Theaters. "In practice, for example, I sewed ruches to a crinoline with a diameter of 3 meters. It seemed to me then that modern clothes were not interesting for me at all: I considered it too simple. I thought this way, until the exhibition of Yves Saint Laurent was brought to Moscow. I fell in love with these garments so much that I redrew everything that I could ... I consider Yves Saint Laurent to be my teacher. "

The theme of the spring-summer collection entitled "Premonition", which is presented in Smolensky Passage, is inspired by the October Revolution. Nevertheless, it is very lyrical: smooth & soft silhouettes and complex cut are emphasized by expressive details and self-sufficient shades. These are dresses, shorts, trapeze dresses, straight-cut coats and jackets, which are elicited by the suits of the early 20th century. The designer made the play of her favorite clothes, which appear in each collection: thus, the recognizable Victoria Andreyanova’s shirt was transformed into a light dress this time.
BOSCOFAMILY in Smolensky Passage also offers the collections of other Russian designers: Rasario, Maison ESVE, Laroom, CHAPURIN, Sergey Sysoev, NOLO, Yanina, Chapurin, Birukov, Poustovit, Galina Pozolko, Izeta, Girlpower, Katya Dobryakova and many others. Within the next months, all designers one by one will tell about themselves, their brands and answer guests' questions in warm air of BOSCOFAMILY space in Smolensky Passage. headed by Laura Jugelia is the media partner of "At the forefront of Russian fashion" project.

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