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7 October
October 6 Children GUM celebrates its 4th birthday.
Children gum is very close to the "adult": one has only to cross the road and you will find yourself in a dreamlike space where you can find clothes, toys and, of course, books!
 A special book has become the hero of the whole show! The exhibition "Uncle Styopa - 80", organized by the GUM and the Russian Cultural Foundation, dedicated to the 80-year anniversary of the release in the light of the first stories about the favorite hero of children's works of Sergei Mikhalkov - Uncle Styopa
.  At the solemn outdoor ceremony welcomed director Nikita Mikhalkov, the wife of Sergei Mikhalkov Yulia Subbotina, the head of the group of companies BOSCO DI CILIEGI Mikhail Kusnirovich, chairman of the jury, "I pencil to paper took ...", People's Artist of Russia, children's book illustrator Viktor Chizhikov, People's Artist Russian Yevgeny Gerasimov, a State Duma deputy Alexander Khinshtein.
 Nikita Mikhalkov:
 - Kids need heroes, we need those who they want to emulate. It was such a hero for five generations of Soviet and Russian citizens became Uncle Stepan. This book is still in print millions of copies, Uncle Stepan lives. Despite the fact that he was already 80 years old, he will forever remain young, because he is constantly around children. It is there for the children and for the children.
 In the evening, the space in the center of GUM near the fountain turned into a cozy living room, which brought together friends and family members BOSCO DI CILIEGI, together to read poems about Uncle Styopa and to remember his childhood.
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