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3 July
5th of July - GUM Ice Cream Day
The traditional Ice Cream Day will be held in GUM on July 5th. It will be held jointly with the Charitable Fund for Supporting Children with Special Needs "I Am!" for the second time. The legendary ice-cream cups and choc-ices cooked according to the branded recipe will be served for the guests amidst the colorful flowerbeds arranged on the occasion of the Flower Festival. See you at GUM lines from 10:00 to 22:00.
This day, well-known musicians, actors, singers, TV presenters, favorite athletes and trustees of the "I am!" fund will act as ice-cream vendors, which is surely the most remarkable profession in the world. They will sell the famous delicacy at a special price of 25 rubles per serve at the fountain. The proceeds will be spent for the programs of the "I am!" charity fund aimed to change the attitude of society to special children and the project "Amazing House" - a system of joint and training accommodation for graduates of orphanages.
The remarkable tradition was born 5 years ago, in 2012, when the 120th anniversary of the Main Department Store of the country was celebrated. GUM cups and choc-ices have become its hall-mark long time ago. Over 130,000 servings were prepared especially for the GUM Ice Cream Day.
Despite the fact that many production processes were automated, GUM ice cream is still made by hand - the technology has not been changed. There is chocolate, blueberry, strawberry – only natural ingredients, without preservatives and colorants are used. After all, the production is small and is for GUM only.
10 tastes are in the range now and choc-ice, the recipe of which includes several types of milk, appeared in 2013. There was only the famous ice cream "with a hat" in a crispy cone before.
Come to enjoy a refreshing GUM dessert and see you in the center of the blooming GUM, at the fountain!
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